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5 Tips How Can You Avoid ROUTINE SEX

Greatest bedroom routine sex: We’ve all got em’. They’re those moves you’ve got down to a science. The ones you learned early in your sexual career, perfected over time, and cemented into your sexual routine.

Bitter Moon

10 Best Sexy Movies (not porno) to watch during quarantine

As the world continues to battle a global epidemic, the domestic spread of COVID-19 is affecting our daily lives in ways most of us have never experienced before.
So, we prepared for you 10 Best Sexy Movies (not porno) to watch during quarantine

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8 quick TIPS for LICK PUSSY like a pro

Learning to lick pussy is a lifelong journey. You probably won’t become a master in a day. Here are a few pieces of advice to change things up and help you on your journey.

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Top 9 FOODS to help protect from CORONAVIRUS

Coronavirus Never has the phrase “What a wild time to be alive” felt more true. And never has frantically googling “immune system booster foods” felt more rational. In the face of coronavirus COVID-19, doing everything you possibly can to stay healthy is the right move. -nu- glamour