7 Instagram tips for Glamour photographers

Few Instagram tips to help your social media to perform and to grow bigger.

Instagram Tips

There is a lot of debate within the photo community on the importance of a social media presence. As social media has increasingly evolved as an essential in daily life, it’s time for photographers to stop fighting against the current. No matter your niche, there is value in participating in an online presence. Instagram is a particularly important tool for photographers to generate leads.

Instagram tips
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1. Post every day

Write regularly and be consistent: there are plenty of ways to plan updates, if you can’t sign in everyday at least use an app to write once a day. Posting time is possible early in the morning or after 6 pm. Sundays are peak days, and the least active on Fridays and Saturdays. There are also apps that can help you find the best time per group to write.

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2. Use hashtags

Using hashtags to match your post or company. Simply keep the hashtags, and try to create new hashtags. Big hashtags are all right but the target market you want to hit won’t get you. Targeted unique hashtags are easier to draw the desired supporter. Popular hashtags like “heart” and “happiness” are used so much that messages move down the list rapidly and are barely seen. Your target audience is more likely to look for unique hashtags. Using brand-specific hashtags and the potential client so they can identify you.

Instagram tips
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3. Create unique hashtags

Create a brand or company name-specific hashtag and ask people to use it when sharing the photos. Try to create an old hashtag, and make it your own.

Instagram tips
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4. Like and comment on other people’s posts

Additional instagram tip – Like posts and comments from other users as well , this is a good and quick way to gain and retain followers.

I would say that you should not “pay for” followers or followers of ghosts, they are eventually deleted and then you loose them. The loss of all the fans or at least a good chunk of them just doesn’t look good. And smart IG’ers can say from your likes and comments when you have an excess of fake followers. There should be a percentage of at least 10 per cent per count of followers. Anyhow, the idea is to have followers that may become customers or at least help you get customers. Fake followers are not going to get you very far.

Instagram tips
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5. Tag brands/people when possible

Tag related brands and/or clients when posting. Say you are posting a photo of a client wearing a bra from @forloveandlemons be sure to tag them and maybe give them a mention. Some brands will regram or return the favor. Not all clients will want to be tagged, be sure to find out before you tag them. Ask clients to tag you anytime they share their images and to use your unique brand hashtag. Ask for shout outs in return for shout outs from similar brands. This is a great way to grow followers with the same interests to your brand.

7 Instagram tips for Glamour photographers 1 instagram tips
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6. Share your posts on other platforms

Share your posts to Facebook and Twitter and other social media is the best instagram tip for photographers. I actually have received a significant amount of following on FB and Twitter just by sharing from IG. It also helps to keep all my social media more active. I also get more retweets by sharing then posting directly to Twitter.

7 Instagram tips for Glamour photographers 2 instagram tips
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7. Include a “call to action” in your post

Every now and then include a “call to action”: something like “tag a friend” or “check out our blog”. Every Tuesday I do #tushytuesday and ask people to tag a friend that has a great Tushy. These are some of my most popular posts. Many of my clients say these are their favorite posts. Create a post you can do every week that you know your clients will love with a correlating hashtag. If you write a great blog post and want to direct people there do a “call to action” and be sure to direct them to your link in the bio and don’t forget to change the link to go straight to your blog post. Don’t self promote every single post – it gets old and honestly would you want to follow someone that self promotes all the time?

7 Instagram tips for Glamour photographers 3 instagram tips
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Few usefull links

Here are a few of the most popular scheduling apps:

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