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10 Quick Top Glamour Photography Tips

Glamour tips - You'll learn how to handle a nude photo shoot the right way with these nude photography tips so that your model is as comfortable as possible, and so you get the best shots you can.

Glamour photography is the production of any portrait featuring a picture of a naked orsemi-nude individual, or a provocative depiction of nudity. Glamour photography is produced for a variety of purposes, including instructional, industrial, and artistic works. It may be controversial to show or publish Glamour photographs, more so in some cultures or countries than in others, and particularly if the subject is a minor.

1. Turn Up the Heat

glamour photography
Lilianapaws by Fotium

If the model doesn’t have any clothing on, they will probably get cold, fast.
Help them out by turning up the room heat well before the shoot is set to begin. It doesn’t need to be a sauna by any stretch, but to make sure the setup is as comfortable as possible, crank it until the mid to high 70s.
Note-the more comfortable the model the more relaxed she is and the better the pictures you take!

2. Keep up the relaxed atmosphere

Glamour photography
Lilianapaws by Fotium

If you’re photographing a nude model, the chances are that the model is at least abit comfortable being nude in front of a stranger. But that doesn’t mean that anyone who wants a session on nude photography is an expert in nude modeling.

Do everything you can to make the situation as relaxed as possible. Aside from keeping the model warm, simply engaging in a light conversation can do wonders to relax you both.

Speak about the pets the family, the careers, the television shows you like name it. Small talk will work wonders to get you through the awkwardness of the initial “okay, get naked” stage and take both of you through the shoot to the end.

Also, when you're taking nude pictures, always have model release forms. This is a means of protecting both you and the product. Even if you are well acquainted with the product and have an established relationship, a model release document must be on hand.

3. Keep It Simple

Glamour photography
Mallghareth_if by Fotium

Unless you do something like fine art Glamour photography or nude couples photography, keeping posing as simple as possible is typically the best way to.

Also, most of the models that you are going to work with are going to be normal everyday people doing something special for a loved one. While naked in front of the audience they have enough on their minds, and making them do complicated poses usually doesn’t work that well.

Instead, have the model lay down, sit or even stand in comfortable and relaxing ways. Rather than having the model move around constantly, try to move around the model in order to capture different angles of each pose.

4. Concentrating on the details

Glamour photography
Dzaneckova by Fotium

One thing you can do to help relax your model along the lines of keeping it simple is concentrate on the smaller details of their anatomy.

Cleavage, a well-placed hand on the chest, and back curvature are all the prime candidates for detail-rich and captivating nude photography topics.

In reality, if you are researching classical Glamour photography, it’s not about the model’s nakedness at all, but about their body’s shape and form. Through writing these kinds of detailed images you will celebrate all shapes and forms.

When taking part in Glamour photography, it’s helpful to approach composing your shots almost like you would with a landscape. Examine how the light falls across the model’s body and zero in on highlighting how the light accentuates the body’s curves, as was done in the image just above.

5. Glamour photography shouldn't be completely naked

Glamour photography
Petra_kasl by Fotium

Alternatively, the model involves a lot of female glamour photography and glamour male photography that masks itself in different ways at different points. In other words, not all images are considered erotic nude imagery in this category.

A female model, for example, may use her arms to mask her torso. A male model will cover his genitals with his hands. You can also use sheets or props to hide some skin while disclosing others. The effect may be very captivating representations of nude photography in either case.

Often viewers find these types of images even more appealing due to the mystery of having some areas of the body covered up.

6. You still need a list of shots

Glamour photography
Annaaksturk by Fotium

Much like any kind of photo shoot, you need to plan for Glamour photography by sitting down with the model (or models if you’re doing Glamour pair photography) and reviewing the kinds of images that need to be taken beforehand.

After all, your idea of the photos that should or shouldn’t be taken could vary greatly from what the model wants, so it’s always a good idea to discuss thoughts on the direction of the shoot before the shoot starts.

7. Add Props

GLamour photography
Vv_volk by Fotium

Props are one of the best things that a model can give you to help them relax.

Not only that, but a well-placed prop can provide Glamour photography with colour, texture and visual interest. What’s more, you have a ready-made solution to keep awkward hands at bay if it’s something that the model can hold on.

Be careful not to drive overboard when using props. Also, versatility is the key here, so for some fluid action add a curtain in the background, have the model stand on a piece of furniture with an unusual shape or give the model something to hang on.

8. Use a Longer Lens

Glamour Photography
Annaaksturk by Fotium

Using a lens with a longer focal length achieves a few things.

First longer focal lengths mean that you need to be farther away from the model and they’ll probably appreciate the extra bit of personal space during their session of nude photography.

Second, longer focal lengths compress the scene which for portraits is often very flattering. So, instead of using a 35 mm or 50 mm prime, give an 85 mm or 135 mm lens a shot.

A 70-200 mm zoom is another lens option to consider when taking Glamour photos. While prime lenses reign supreme for portraiture, a 70-200 mm zoom gives you superior flexibility in focal length while delivering good results throughout.

9. Omit the Model’s Face

Glamour photography
Barutoch by Fotium

If you’ve seen a lot of naked boudoir photography or conceptual Glamour photography, you know that the shot often doesn’t reveal the model’s face.

Alternatively, as mentioned earlier, Glamour photography mostly focuses on human body shape.

Do not be afraid to take shots from behind or from the side of the subject, or to edit pictures in the article to omit the profile of the model. Faceless portraits can often be just as powerful, if not more powerful than the ones showing the face of the subject!

10. Try Black and White

10 Quick Top Glamour Photography Tips 1 Glamour photography

When considering things like forms, shapes, and textures, your mind will automatically go to black and white pictures, as those elements are ideal for a colorless shot.

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